This is what I see from components/widgetkit


If I save changes nothing apparently happens

If I click on create your first gallery I get an elongated form which will not allow me to load a photo

before or after saving


This is what I thought I would see



Joomla and me

Web Hosting and Web Design


Congratulations! You have reached bcottech!  a web hosting and web design site which will include Joomla design and hosting, as well as, PHP, MYSQL etc.makes it easy to build a website just the way you want it and keep it simple to update and maintain.

Email solutions are included in all packages.

Joomla! is a flexible and powerful platform, whether you are building a small site for yourself or a huge site with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Joomla is open source, which means you can make it work just the way you want it to.

Recently Hosted Sites

Check out these links which show a variety of web design and function.  a sports law review site offering legal comment to registered users. a private maths tutor offering support to children experiencing difficulties. offering bespoke native american flutes and leatherware.



Web Solutions

Working for you to provide sensible solutions.

A completely independent service, with a commitment to personal customer care.  "No man is an island", so if you have a business or private web related problem bcottech can assist you to find the most suitable web solution.

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